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Trish Bleynat RN, BC, MSN, is the managing owner, receiving her BS and MSN (Adult Health) from UNC-Charlotte.  She maintains an ANA Board Certification in Nursing Professional Development.  She has served on the North Carolina AHA Emergency Cardiac Care Committee, the BLS regional Faculty and National Faculty for North Carolina. Trish's prior employment has been as staff development instructor and clinical instructor for Presbyterian Hospital School of Nursing, clinical educator for Nalle Clinic and Total Care a home health care provider.  She has taught at Central Piedmont Community College and presented at national healthcare conferences on a varity of topics.

Trish was the co-winner of the Belinda E. Puetz Award in 2003 presented by the National Nursing Staff Development Organization (NNSDO).  "The award encompasses overall pursuit of excellence.  The excellence is shown through the recipient's creativity, productivity, exemplary leadership qualities and efficiency." (NNSDO)

Marie Gaskin, formally worked as an RN, teaches part time, handles the Instructor Classes, class registration, instructor records and scheduling.  She has worked for Innovative Solutions since December, 2009.  Marie is also responsible for BLS instructor classes.

In addition, Innovative Solutions uses contract instructors who have experience as EMS & Army medics, critical care nurses and RN's.  They are certified instructors and have many hours of hands on experience in CPR, ACLS and PALS training and applications.

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